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Best Crate Pad

Dog crates are essentials for dog owners looking to transport or temporarily shelter their canines. Dog crates are mostly made of metal and can be uncomfortable; however, crate pads are an excellent option for added support These crate pads are designed to absorb and assist puppies during training while providing a cozy rest area.

Jared Arenado, a dog owner and veterinarian, says, “Dog crates can help pups scheduled for check-ups and surgeries. My own dog loves jumping into the back of my pickup and into his crate, where he knows he’ll be safe and sound during our weekend road trips to the lake.”

Best Crate Pad

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How to Find The Best Crate Pad For Your dog

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Crate Pad for Dogs

There are times when you go out of the house for work, school, weekend getaways, or even a short trip to the store and disappear for a few hours. It really doesn’t matter that much if you live alone or you have a companion because you do not have to worry about your stuff inside the house. What matters is when you have to leave your beloved dog all alone, with nothing but himself and his toys to keep him busy while you are away.

During these times, crates are often used to prevent him from running around and causing massive destruction in the living room or wherever he chooses to play. Now, if you are about to leave him inside the crate for a while, then you should at least make sure he is comfortable and having the time of his life. What you need is the best crate pad for your fur friend to relax onto while he waits for your return.

What is a Crate Pad?

Crate pads are soft pads designed to be placed in your dog’s crate to make him feel comfortable while inside. Crates are usually made of metal or plastic, which are hard materials, so staying inside for hours may cause them a lot of discomfort or pressure when they lay down.

Buying Guide for the Best Crate Pad 

It may be a little confusing to look through a huge amount of crate pads without knowing the best features while you go shopping. Using this buying guide, you will be able to arrive at the best decision on choosing the perfect crate pad for your favorite pooch.

  • Size

First off, you have to know the size of your crate before choosing a crate pad. The size of the crate pads are measured on its length, width, and height (for thickness) and should be close to the measurements of the crate for it to fit properly inside.

If you have a large crate for a medium-sized dog, that is definitely okay, all you have to be careful around is the compatibility of the sizes of the crate and your chosen crate pad.

  • Weight

If you use a crate when you travel with your lovely pooch, then you have to consider the weight of the crate pad. The weight mostly depends on the padding. Its thickness will determine the mass of the pad and how well you will be able to carry it on hand.

Thicker pads are heavier and harder to carry around by hand, especially those with foam inserts.

  • Durability

If your pup is an active one and tends to scratch and chew on things, then you might want to choose a crate pad that withstands such behaviors. What you have to look out for are crate pads with tear-resistant features and heavy-duty stitching to ensure its durability if Fido gets rough with his stuff.

  • Thickness

Thickness determines how supportive the crate pads can be. This will hold the entire weight of your dog, so the thicker it is, the more weight it can support without the hard metal of the crate digging into your dog’s body. 

You also have to be careful with purchasing thick crate pads for small dogs, since it may be hard for them to get inside the crate if the pad is blocking the opening because of its height. Some types of crate pads are thin enough to be left inside the crate when folded, so the choice may depend on the size of your dog and his crate.

  • Padding Type

The types of paddings differ based on their purposes. The common padding types are cotton, memory foam, and polyester, while orthopedic foam is the best for supporting senior dogs with bone and joint problems.

  • Washability

Some crate pads have removable covers so you can easily wash them and put them in the dryer. There are also some that you can directly throw the whole pad into the machine to clean it up while air drying is the most recommended method for drying the pad. 

This one is important because the materials used to make the pad should be easy to clean and should be able to endure a number of machine washing sessions.

  • Special Features

Some of the special features include waterproof, anti-slip technology, and orthopedic foams (which was mentioned earlier). Waterproof crate pads are designed to repel water, though some designs let the water pass through the pad, but still leave it dry on the surface.

Anti-slip technology is definitely great to make sure your pup does not slide around while inside the crate, so they will be safe and secure while they chill.

When you choose the best crate for your dog, you have to look through some stuff first to make sure that you are doing the right thing—both for your dog and for yourself. Undoubtedly, it might be a little awkward to buy something you are not sure about. One more thing that you have to remember is that the crate pad you purchase depends on what type of climate you live in, since your beloved pup may not be too comfortable with all the thick paddings and cloth. Once you buy the right product, let Fido use it to the fullest with regular cleaning and maintenance.

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