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Although crates are typically sturdy and durable, they may not always be that comfortable, and a crate mat may be needed to ensure your dog is at ease while spending time inside. It’s important to look for a crate mat with supportive padding to encourage dogs to spend time in it without trying to claw their way out. The options on this list can help ensure your pup has the best experience possible when they need to be put up in their crate. 

Jarett Gilpin, DVM, says, “Crate mats should be durable with high-quality seams so they can hold up to heavy use without the materials falling apart. I think it’s also important to find a crate mat that can be thrown in the wash to prevent it from becoming dingy and grimy.”

Best Crate Mat

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How to Find The Best Crate Mat For Your dog

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Dog Crate Mats

Some people say that dogs are den animals. They tend to find their own haven where they feel safe and secure, and it needs to be large enough for them to feel these things. If you don’t provide your pooch with its own den, chances are they make do with anything around. It may be a chair, the rag in front of your door, or your carpet under the coffee table. When it comes to providing a comfortable space, crate mats would definitely give your dogs the sanctuary they need!

Crate mats or pads are special bedding where you can place inside a crate or just put on a place where your pup can eat, sleep, and relax. They serve as their personal spots in your house. You can also use this pad as a tool in house-training your furry companion. Together with dog crates, Fido will have a perfect room at night so he won’t have to wander around your house.

Whether you are looking for crate pads to house-train or provide a safe and cozy space for your pooch, it is important that you know how to choose the right pads.

What Do I Have to Consider When Choosing the Right Crate Mats for My Dog?

When choosing dog crate mats, you must know which mats are ideal for your dog. You might want to ask your veterinarian to know which kind of pads are best for your dog’s size, age, and breed. Here are the tips we could give you when buying crate pads.

  • Size

Having a dog crate pad doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to remain inside the crate. It could also be a dog bed that would make a comfortable nook for your furry baby when you are out. You might want to measure your dog and look for a pad that has a larger size so that your dog would fit and be comfortable enough when lying in it. 

However, if you are planning to put it inside the crate, opt for a mat that would exactly fit. Make sure that you would accurately measure your dog’s crate first before anything else. Too large bedding would not be ideal because the curled sides might become a chew toy. Bedding that’s too small might not be comforting either because it won’t give enough cushion. 

  • Material

Together with the advice you got from your veterinarian, you should look for a material that is breathable and soft. Pads come in different materials such as fleece, terry cloth, polyester, and memory foam. Material affects your pet’s comfortability, so it is really important that you select the right one. 

  • Thickness

The thickness of the cushion is the one responsible for providing most of the comfort. Go for at least three centimeters thick. That would be good enough for your pup. Providing a mat with a few centimeters thick for a young dog is fine. For older dogs or dogs experiencing injuries or pain, orthopedic beds made with memory foam are recommended! It provides support for your dog’s aching joints.

  • Durable Construction 

Observe your pup’s habits. Some dogs still scratch, dig a lot, and are addicted to chewing their beds, so you have to choose a mat that can withstand those. You don’t want your newly bought bedding to be shredded the moment you let your dog have it. Look for long-lasting beddings so it won’t require you to look for an alternative immediately. You might also want to look for a tear-resistant cover. 

  • Dog’s Coat

If your dog has a thin coat and short hair, they would already be satisfied with soft beds. You might want to look for cooler pads if your dog has a thick coat. Also, if your pooch still sheds, choose a mat or cover that would not be difficult to scrape off all the fur. 

  • Washability

This should be a no-brainer, but choose a mat that is easy to clean.  Undoubtedly, dog pads can soon become too dirty. Some pads may be machine-washable, but beds made from orthopedic foam should have a removable cover. Considering that, opt for machine-washable pads, and perhaps a dryer friendly too. 

  • Price

Depending on the material used and its durability, crate mats might be pricey. Once the conditions above are met, you can already choose the least expensive from various mats. Make sure that the price you will pay would not be compromised. 

Dog crate mats would definitely care for your precious furry baby in different ways that you, as its parent cannot. Choosing the right crate beddings for your dog might seem complicated, but we assure you that it would be worth it. Provide the perfect and cozy crate for your pup and let Fido relax with his newly comfortable crate mats!

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