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Best Cooling Dog Beds For Small Dogs

The scorching heat in the summer months can be hard to bear for dogs too, especially for small dogs who are covered with double or triple coats. As a concerned parent, you’d obviously want to keep your pooch cool and comfortable, and one of the best ways to do that is to buy a cooling dog bed for them. As the term suggests, cooling beds are designed to keep your dogs cool in rising temperatures. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. To help you make a more informed decision, here’s are some of the best cooling dog beds for small dogs.

Best Cooling Dog Beds For Small Dogs

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How to Find The Best Cooling Dog Beds For Small Dogs For Your dog

Cooling Dog Beds for Small Dogs

Dogs pant when they are cooling off, so if you don’t want your dog to get too hot, especially during the summer, it’s advisable to get a cooling dog bed for your pet. This will help your pet feel relieved and allow for airflow during hot or warm days. 

Dogs also like to sleep, so if you see them sprawling out on the kitchen floor instead of on their bed, then it may be time to get a cooling bed for your pet. The typical dog bed may get hot and end up increasing the body temperature of your dog. 

Importance/Benefits of Cooling Dog Beds 

Why do you need a cooling dog bed? Below are some things that explain why you may need to get a cooling dog bed for your pet.

  • A cooling dog bed will help lower your pet’s overall body temperature effectively. A cooling dog bed can also be transported, so you can bring it along with you to parks, beaches, and other locations. 
  • They provide cushioning. You wouldn’t want your dog to be laying down uncomfortably on the floor, right? A cooling dog bed will provide the right cushioning for your pet, just like mattresses provide to humans. 
  • Cooling dog beds also prevent dehydration for your pet and help them get a better night’s sleep. They won’t have to move around that much because they feel hot.
  • If you have an old dog, cooling beds can also help with arthritis pain. 


Choosing a Cooling Dog Bed for Your Small Dog 


Have a small dog? The size of your cooling dog bed is an important consideration. Take a look at some of the considerations below to make sure you find the right cooling dog bed for your small dog 

  1. Size: As mentioned, make sure to get the right size for your pet dog. Cooling dog beds usually come in three sizes, so get one that is made for small dogs. 
  2. Type of Fabric: If your small dog likes chewing, then make sure to choose one that can handle the chewing. You can opt for mesh or polyethylene fabric.
  3. Convenience and Transportability: Want to bring your small dog bed with you? Choose one that has a compact design which can easily be folded and stored in a bag so that you will be able to bring it along conveniently.
  4. Filling: The bed filling is also important. Do you want a gel filling? If you will be choosing one that is filled with gel, make sure you buy one that has non-toxic filling. If you opt for other types of filling, make sure to check the dog bed regularly for damage so that your pet won’t accidentally ingest it. 


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