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Best Cooling Dog Beds For Medium Dogs

Watching your dog pant like crazy on a hot day is the least favorite sight of any pet parent. As dogs wear a full, thick fur coat and don’t sweat much, it can be very difficult for them to stay cool on hot days. Fortunately, there’s a solution: dog cooling beds. These beds help dogs stay cool in rising temperatures while giving them a laying-on-the-ground feel so they can stay comfortable. They’re available for dogs of all sizes, including medium ones. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the best cooling beds for medium-sized dogs so they can “beat the heat”.

Best Cooling Dog Beds For Medium Dogs

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How to Find The Best Cooling Dog Beds For Medium Dogs For Your dog

Cooling Dog Beds for Medium Dogs

Watching your dog pant to relieve itself from the heat can be heartbreaking. While lying down on the tiled floor might have helped your canine friend relieve itself in the past, it might not be enough to bring its body temperature down to a comfortable level. Since dogs do not sweat much as a relief from heat, they need outside help to cool off. A cooling dog bed might be the greatest help you can give your beloved pet when the temperature becomes unbearable. The many advantages of a cooling dog bed over the tiled floor makes it easy for you to decide to get one for your own dog.

 Cooling Dog Beds Instead of a Tiled Floor

In the warm weather, a plain dog bed will not help relieve your dog of the heat. During hot summer days, you might have noticed that your dog prefers to lie down on your tiled kitchen floor over its dog bed. While a dog bed is soft and comfortable, it does not have the cooling feature that a cooling dog bed provides. A cooling dog bed is a good option because it offers both the softness and comfort of a customary dog bed and the coolness your dog seeks when it is hot outside. A cooling dog bed can lower your dog’s body temperature more effectively than your tiled kitchen floor can. You can take the cooling dog bed anywhere you want to go with your dog, like the beach or the park, and not worry about your dog getting too much heat. An added advantage of a cooling dog bed is its portability, which allows you to put it in any out-of-the-way location in your home where you want your dog to rest and cool off.

Choosing a Cooling Dog Bed for Your Medium Dog

Whether you have a poodle, a terrier, or a spaniel, a cooling dog bed for your medium-size dog makes for a cooler, happier pet friend. Before heading out to get one, determine your dog’s size and weight, since cooling dog beds’ specifications include measurement limits. A slightly larger cooling dog bed than your dog’s size gives it more room to spread out. The more cooling surface, the better it will be for your dog. Make sure the cooling dog bed can accommodate your dog’s weight. The cooling material of cooling dog beds is either water-based or gel-based, so check the cooling power of both. Check for durability of the outside material used since the cooling dog bed should be able to withstand your dog’s claws and playfulness.

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