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Best Commercial All-Purpose Cleaners for Dog Parents

Anyone who cleans frequently understands how useful and convenient all-purpose cleaners are for their versatility. They’re designed to be used on any type of surface and do an effective job of removing bacteria and thick residue in different areas of the house or office, which makes them an invaluable tool for dog owners. Commercial all-purpose cleaners are known to work effectively and have more power than traditional cleaning products. We took the time to test various all-purpose cleaners to ensure that dog parents could be sure they made the right purchase.

Best Commercial All-Purpose Cleaners for Dog Parents for Dogs

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With years of experience testing products in the industry, our team prides itself in having a high level of accuracy with the items we recommend to dog owners. The testing categories we used to review commercial all-purpose cleaners include Odor, Efficiency, and Concentration.

Odor – The odor is a top factor we wanted to review because it determines if the cleaner is pleasant to use or causes the entire room to smell, which can be irritating to dogs that are sensitive to scents or fragrances.

Efficiency – Our team reviewed how effective the cleaning product was and if it worked well in removing dirt and grime left by dogs on various types of surfaces.

Concentration – The concentration of the liquid formula of each product was also a main consideration to ensure that a little could go a long way and that the cleaner had more value when compared to products that are often watered down.

Choosing and Using Effective Commercial All-Purpose Cleaners

Commercial all-purpose cleaners should be capable of lifting different types of stains, grease, and grime that a dog may leave on different types of surfaces without causing damage or wear to the materials it cleans. It should also have a pleasant scent that is subtle and doesn’t smell similar to chemicals. The cap should also be childproof to prevent the formula from being ingested by pets or kids.

Commercial all-purpose cleaners can be extremely harsh and should be stored in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf to keep them away from children or pets. They should be stored upright to avoid spills. Avoid mixing them with other chemicals and keep the lid on tight.