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A collapsible dog crate is the best option for taking your dog with you on the go. This could be on a road trip, to the vet, or just a general trip to the store. A collapsible crate can help save space as well. The DogGear team has used collapsible crates to provide comfort to dogs ranging from a Pekingese to a German Shepherd and have used them on multiple continents. These crates are convenient for you and comforting for your dog!

Choose your collapsible dog crate with care, and your dog will be safe and sound whether in the car or at home. There are several sizes in order to accommodate large, medium, and small dogs, sizes we usually base on the dog’s weight:

We’ve reviewed a few products for each dog size below, so you can determine which option is best for your own situation. Check out our top picks for small dogs first, or scroll down the page for our choices for medium and large dogs.

Best Collapsible Dog Crates

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 Best Collapsible Crate for Dogs

Best Collapsible Crates for Small Dogs

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*The DogGear team did not stop with small collapsible dog crates. Check out our top choices for medium dogs!

Best Collapsible Crates for Medium Dogs

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*Finally, we reviewed the best collapsible crates for large dogs.

Best Collapsible Crates for Large Dogs

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DogGear Philosophy

Before selecting the final crate for your dog, the first factor to consider is whether it’s the right size. You should also put in their favorite toy, a blanket, and let them get familiar with the crate before using it. Collapsible crates also need to be travel-worthy, so make sure they are light and sturdy. They should also have ventilation vents on both sides and be large enough for the dog to turn around, lie down, and stand in if needed. A collapsible crate provides a more secure way to travel, so do consider investing in one before a long drive.

We hope this is a good starting point on your hunt for the perfect dog crate!

Keep reading to learn more about collapsible crates.

Traveling with some dogs is a breeze, but this isn’t true for all of them – and a collapsible dog crate can make it easier to travel with your dog, especially if they don’t love getting into the car that much.

For all dog owners, it’s easier to make use of a collapsible dog crate to get your dog from one point to another, especially if your dog doesn’t always appreciate the car ride.

Here’s everything you should know about collapsible dog crates and how they can make traveling with your beloved pooch a lot easier.

Uses for Collapsible Dog Crates

Collapsible dog crates can be one of the best traveling tools that you ever buy for your dog, especially if you make frequent trips with your dog and they don’t love the ride there – or if you’re preparing for something specific like a visit to the vet.

The wonder of collapsible and folding dog crates is the fact that they’re light and easy to carry, but can still present a challenge to break out of if your dog is a master escape artist. For a short or long trip, they’re ideal for keeping your pet calm and safe while you’re able to focus on driving.

They’re great for visits to the vet, or even recovery from surgery when your pet needs to be kept separate and resting for a few days after the operation.

But that’s not all: You can also use a collapsible dog crate for more regular visits – and some smaller dogs will find theirs so comfortable that they’ll even sleep in it.

Why Buy a Collapsible Dog Crate

So, why should you buy a collapsible dog crate at all?

They’re Comfortable for Your Dog:

Crates like these are one of the most comfortable things you can get for your dog, whether we’re talking about a short trip or longer distance traveling.

They’re Light & Durable:

A great feature of collapsible dog crates is the fact that they’re light and durable at the same time, and they can last for years – without the hassle or weight of many hard-shell plastic dog crates.

They’re Easy to Clean:

Fold-up and portable dog crates are easy to clean so that they can last for years to come.

They’re Available in Several Sizes:

Big dog or small? Collapsible crates are available in several sizes, so they’re perfect for any type of dog.

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