Discover the Best Collapsible Crate for Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Collapsible Crate for Your Pup

A collapsible dog crate is the best option for taking your dog with you on the go. This could be on a road trip, to the vet, or just a general trip to the store. A collapsible crate can help save space as well. The DogGear team has used collapsible crates to provide comfort to dogs ranging from a Pekingese to a German Shepherd and have used them on multiple continents. These crates are convenient for you and comforting for your dog!

Choose your collapsible dog crate with care, and your dog will be safe and sound whether in the car or at home. There are several sizes in order to accommodate large, medium, and small dogs, sizes we usually base on the dog’s weight:

We’ve reviewed a few products for each dog size below, so you can determine which option is best for your own situation. Check out our top picks for small dogs first, or scroll down the page for our choices for medium and large dogs.