Discover the Best Citronella Collars For Your Adult Dog or Puppy

Find the Perfect Citronella Collars For Your Pup

A citronella collar is a collar that you can use for training your dog. It works by using a citronella spray, which is a substance that will hang in the air and that will slightly discomfort your dog. Citronella is not harmful to the dog, but it is a rather unpleasant smell that most dogs don’t like. The idea behind citronella collars is that you can teach your dog over time which behaviors are bad by creating a negative association between the bad behavior and the unwanted scent. For instance, you can use citronella collars to prevent barking, and this is actually the most common use of the collar. The collar simply emits its spray when it detects barking (using a sound detector) and that way, your dog quickly learns that barking leads to unpleasant smells!

Citronella collars work in the same way as a shock collar, but many people consider this option more humane and many owners find that it is actually more effective as well. In fact, this is actually what studies have found, too. Ready to try it? Read on for the DogGear team’s top picks for citronella collars!

Best Citronella Collars