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The Best Carpet-Stain-Remover for Dog Owners

Let’s face it – no one wants to spend a ton of time on their hands and knees scrubbing a carpet, especially if they are trying to eliminate a particularly tough stain, spill, or mess. We know from decades of experience that puppy accidents and dirt will stubbornly cling to fibers in your carpet. You know how hard it is to keep a carpet clean all the time with a dog in play.

That’s why it is an excellent idea to keep a bottle of carpet stain remover in your place of residence at all times. That way, if an accident of any kind does happen, you can chemically treat it immediately and greatly increase your chances of restoring the carpet to its original appearance.

In order to help you find the best carpet stain remover on the market, we did independent testing of our own. Using a final score that we developed by using three different categories for assessment, our final results were that Rocco & Roxie Supply Co. cleaner got our Top Pick, with Hoover’s PETPLUS coming in right behind it for the Honorable Mention slate.  Finally, the Puracy Natural ended up sealing the Green Pick for us.

So what kind of categories did we use, exactly, to score these products? Continue reading below for a more detailed explanation as to how we came to our final results.

Best Carpet-Stain-Remover for Dog Owners

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From our team: Read and follow the instructions with every carpet stain remover. We also recommend against having any dogs around the area you spray until it is fully dried (often 24 hours). When following these basic best practices, we have seen both better results and increased safety.


We want our review process to be as transparent as humanly possible, so we will take a few moments now to explain the scoring system that we used to come up with our final conclusions.

We divided up the final score into three possible categories to be graded on, which were power, application, and odor. But what, exactly, do all of these mean in this particular context?

Power: For this category, we decided that “power” should be defined as how much of the carpet stain removal had to be used at one time in order to get rid of the stain in question. The more of the carpet stain remover that had to be used, the lower the product was rated in this particular category.

From time to time, we also weigh certain categories more heavily than others in making our final determinations. We felt that, in terms of trying to find the best carpet stain remover, this was the most important category of the three. The reason for this is that a carpet stain remover that ranks low in power is one that you would have to buy over and over again, and we did not feel that that was the hallmark of an efficiently designed product.

Application: With regards to application, we wanted to pay special attention to the bottle itself that the carpet stain remover came in and how easy it was to get the carpet stain remover where we needed it to go, whether that be on a carpet swatch or on a rag. If the bottle nozzle did not work for any reason or was difficult to use, we gave the product a lower score in this category.

Odor: Odor is by far the most straightforward of the three pieces of criteria that we evaluated carpet stain removers on. If the carpet stain remover had any kind of unpleasant or particularly pungent odor to it that made using the product an unpleasant experience, we made note of it and lowered the product’s score for this grading category.