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A clean home is a happy home. If you have a dog that enjoys relaxing on carpet or rugs, then you know how important having a reliable vacuum cleaner is. In this case, one that really sucks is a great thing to ensure it easily picks up all of the dander and dirt your dog may leave behind. It should also have a long cord and useful tools on hand.

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What Makes Canister Vacuum Cleaners Special?

Vacuum cleaners cost a fortune. It’s not the same as buying your go-to cleaning detergent or soap in the grocery. There are great differences between products and you want to purchase the vacuum that is most suitable to picking up after your dog and your other cleaning needs.

In general, vacuum cleaners pick up and collect all the mess from your living spaces, but it also sucks up fur, dirt, debris, and even the smallest particles for easy disposal. Whether you own a plush carpet, upholstery, or pets at home—vacuum cleaners can do a lot more compared to brooms for sweeping.

When it comes to buying vacuum cleaners, the main question is always, “Upright or Canister?”

These two are the most common types on the market that are usually compared to each other. Truth is, there’s no point of comparison at all. You only have to know what works best for you!

But if you’re all for versatility—the latter is the better option.

Canister vacuum cleaners offer exceptional performance on floor surfaces, plush carpets, and stairs. What makes it versatile are its features such as long hoses and wands that the other types don’t have.

There are three existing types of canisters according to their floor tools.

1. Straight Suction Canisters are the best choice for flat surfaces. The attached floor tool in this type comes with a non-revolving brush. The features include a simple, compact design for suction on hard, smooth floors and flat carpets.

2. Turbine Head Canisters have the brush driven by a suction motor and the air-driven bar revolves when used. This type is efficient on hard floors and thin-pile carpets.

3. Power Team Canisters use another electric motor for the power brush tool to function, similar to an upright vacuum cleaner.

Can’t decide yet? You can also narrow down your choices based on features and specifications.

Suction Power and Airflow
If you’ve been referring to amps or watts when it comes to the vacuum’s suction—you’ve been misinformed. Amps or watts only gives you a hint on how much electrical power your vacuum cleaner uses. It was never related to the suction power of the machine.

A good suction power or water lift is 90 inches or more, while airflow ratings should reach 100 CFM or more for efficient use.

Some models of canister vacuum cleaners include a dust bag on the package, while some don’t.

Just a heads up for those who have asthma or allergies—canisters with dustbags are better than the bagless ones.

Bagged-type can collect more dirt and debris. This type comes with an indicator for you to know if the bag is already full. It might be quite expensive for some since you have to buy and replace bags from time to time. But it can be worth it for those who have asthma and allergies.

Don’t underestimate bagless vacuum cleaners, though! This type is cheaper because you’re not required to buy bags, but you have to make an effort in cleaning its built-in filters regularly.

Which is better then? Your answer should boil down to your preference.

When purchasing a canister vacuum cleaner, don’t forget to look for anything which says HEPA. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It’s a term commonly associated with filters and bags. HEPA filters can guarantee you that 99.9% of fine particles are not going back to the air after using your vacuum cleaner. This can benefit family members who are allergic and asthmatic.

Generally, vacuum cleaners are known to be noisy, but noise levels can be ranged and measured in decibels (dB). Dog owners can be especially sensitive to the level of noise their vaccum makes because their dogs are upset by the noise. You’re lucky enough if you find a canister with 65 dB. The typical noise range is 70-77 dB.

Just like any cleaning device, canister vacuum cleaners vary in quality. Aside from the specifications, the longevity of the model also matters. You don’t want to spend a hundred bucks only to find out that you have to replace it again after a few months, do you?

User Experience
The real test stands on ease of use. Canister vacuum cleaners are your perfect companion on floor surfaces and tight areas at home. It’s the only vacuum type that you can conveniently use in staircases. No matter what type of canister you prefer, it shouldn’t cause any hassle to your regular cleaning routine.


Since canisters pick up embedded debris on various surfaces at home, you might also want to check your vacuum cleaners for maintenance. This will prevent you from spending money on repairs.

For debris, check the floor head for any blockage. You can find it at the base of the hose. Flip it upside down and check on any signs of clogging. Open the floor head and take the brush roll out. Pull out any clogged fur, fine hairs and any debris stuck on the brush roll.

Aside from cleaning, check if the brush roll is still spinning correctly. You can get a new one if you’ve spotted some problems along the way.

If you’re using a bagged canister, empty the bags from time to time. Don’t let the bins get full as it might lose its suction.

Don’t reuse bags as the blocked pores cause the electric motor to overheat inside the vacuum cleaner.

Filters also need to be checked once in a while. Some models need replacement, while other canisters only need general filter cleaning instead. Before sorting it out, you can check the model’s manual for further information and instructions.

How much should I spend on a canister?

Some existing models cost as low as $69. Canisters under $399 are decent enough to pick up all the dirt and allergens on your floor surfaces, flat carpets, and rugs.

$399-$599 are the mid-range prices for canisters.

$599 and above are of high quality, which means it’s quite pricey. But, you’ll enjoy the upgraded specifications and extra features for any clean-up job.

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