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Best Brain Toys for Dogs

Dogs are intelligent animals that love to be challenged and engaged throughout the day. Boredom is one of the worst things for a dog and often leads to destructive behavior and damaged possessions when a dog tries to entertain themselves. A great way to prevent boredom, even when you can’t be home all day long and play with your pooch 24/7, is to have some fun brain toys for them to play with. Here are four great toys that can help fight boredom, keep your pup entertained and help stimulate their brains throughout the day. 

Dr Cheryl Hart has been boarding and caring for dogs for many years and has seen first hand what can happen when a dog isn’t properly stimulated and engaged. This insider experience has helped her find some of the best brain toys for dogs that are available today. These are just some of the toys that have made it onto her list.


Best Brain Toys for Dogs

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