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Just as with humans, your birds are happier and healthier when they are eating a healthy diet and food that not only tastes great but is also right for them. They should not be given just one type of food either. Instead, their diet should contain fruits, vegetables, and grains, as well as seeds. These bird food brands are some of the most noted for their ability to give your bird the balanced diet it needs.

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Choosing the Right Bird Food for Your Bird

As a bird owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a healthy and nutritious diet for your bird, and the best way to do it is by creating a food regimen that’s as close as possible to what your bird would eat naturally. In the wild, birds eat a wide variety of different food, such as nuts, fruits, insects, seeds, and more. Bird diets depend on their nutrient needs, as well as the seasons, since what’s available can change depending on the climate.

A bird’s diet is essential to their health. If a bird is fed a poor diet, they will most likely have diseases or succumb to any number of viral, bacterial, or fungal infections. It’s actually rare for a bird to live to its full lifespan if they are eating a poor diet. On the other hand, a bird who is fed a good diet will live a long and healthy life, have abundant energy, and will have a strong immune system. A healthy bird is a happy bird, and a happy bird is a happy owner.

Figuring out Your Bird’s Base Diet

Your bird’s “base diet” is basically what you should be feeding your bird on a regular basis; everything thing would either just supplement that diet or act as occasional treats. This means that your bird’s base diet should already contain all nutrients that they need to achieve their optimum health.

If you check your local pet shops, you would notice that the most common bird food is made with seeds and pellets. Both are nutritious foods for birds, although seeds can be found in the wild while pellets are usually created by bird food manufacturers to provide birds with other nutrients that can’t be found in needs. Most bird foods feature a mix of bird seeds and pellets in order to provide your companion birds with the right amount of nutrients for their basic health and development.

Does My Bird’s Species Matter?

Yes, your bird’s species matters when it comes to figuring out what their base diet should be. Different birds have different kinds of beaks, depending on the kind of food that they normally eat in the wild. In general, common companion birds such as parrots, cockatiels, and lovebirds have a short, curved beaks because it helps them crack open seeds and nuts in the wild, as well as tear into tough-fleshed fruits.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Other Great Things to Add

Adding fresh or dried fruits and vegetables to your bird’s base diet is a great way to increase its nutritional content, as well as make feeding time exciting for your birds. You can try a variety of different fruits and vegetables prepared in different ways: fresh, dried, whole, mashed, chopped, and so on. Birds can have individual preferences when it comes to fruits and vegetables, so you might need to experiment a little to find while ones they will like as part of their diet.

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