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Best Ball Launcher For Dogs

Many dogs and owners alike enjoy playing fetch. However, many pet parents will find their arms getting tired and sore after their game drags on, even if their pup is still ready to play. Ball launchers are a good choice for these situations. They provide a way to send a ball much farther and let their pet carry on for hours of play. A good ball launcher should be engineered to allow the ball to roll smoothly out of the cup and the handle should be designed so it can be held comfortably even after repeated use. The right a ball launcher can offer many days of fun for dogs and their parents.

Jarrett Gilpin knows all about high energy dogs in his work as a detection canine handler. He says, “Whenever Toxi and I aren’t working, she loves to play fetch. It’s a great way to keep her fit and alert. She could play for hours so I always use a ball launcher to give her more room to run with a longer throw.”

Best Ball Launcher For Dogs

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How to Find The Best Ball Launcher For Dogs For Your dog

Ball Launcher for Dogs

A ball launcher is a toy that helps keep a dog active by launching a ball into an open space and the dog will run to try and catch it. It mimics the game of throw and fetch. It can throw tennis balls and other round-sized objects to a distance of ten to thirty feet, and a maximum distance of fifty feet. 

Benefits of Using Ball Launchers

A ball launcher stimulates the mental capacity of dogs as it waits for the ball to be thrown at a distance. It also encourages critical thinking and strategy as it will try to chase the ball. A ball launcher will help keep the dog entertained and active even if the owner is not around. For dog owners who are suffering from back problems or get tired easily, using the ball launcher will serve as a bonding moment between the owner and the pet. A ball launcher will also be helpful as an additional tool in training the basic commands for the dog such as fetch, sit, go, and stay.

Types of Ball Launcher

Manual – Also called a handheld ball launcher, this type usually looks like a cannon gun, a launcher gun, or a nerf gun, and works by placing the ball on the slot and firing off the launcher at the desired location.  The ball is released via a quick release, by pushing a button, or by clicking a switch.

Automatic – The automatic ball launcher runs on batteries and may be connected to a power source. It has a ball chute, wherein the dog can just put the retrieved ball in the chute and wait for the device to launch the ball again.

Features to Consider When Using a Ball Launcher for Dogs

Dog’s Size – A medium-sized dog will be able to catch a tennis ball quickly. For small dogs, make sure to purchase a launcher that throws balls that are not too big. For big dogs, the balls should not be too small as it may become a choking hazard.

Indoor or Outdoor Launcher – TThe shooting range of the launcher should be considered. If placed outside, the range should be wide, and if placed inside the house, the range should be small to avoid the ball from hitting fragile and small items such as vases and picture frames.

Extra Features – Some ball launchers can throw multiple balls at the same time, some come with a timer, and some with adjustable settings so that the ball will not land at the same place, for an element of surprise.

Price – There are different ball launchers commercially available depending on your budget.

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