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Best Baking Stones (making homemade dog treats)

Baking stones are useful for improving the crust of different types of food that are cooked in the oven, whether you’re making pizza or dog treats. They retain heat well and can improve the type of homemade dog treats that you make for your four-legged friend.

Jarett Gilpin, DVM, says, “Baking stones can allow you to make homemade dog treats for your pets, allowing you to reward them for their behavior and ensuring they enjoy their snack. The treats can have a crispier texture and will be more enjoyable for any pets in the house.”

Best Baking Stones (making homemade dog treats)

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How to Find The Best Baking Stones For Your dog

Baking Stones

While there are many high-end kitchen equipment available on the market, many prefer to go old school and use baking or pizza stones. They are made of natural clay and have been pressed into a ceramic tile. Baking stones are usually available in round, rectangular, and square shapes. They are perfect for baking because it radiates and keeps heat, yet is fireproof and warp-resistant. You can also use them in a conventional or modern gas oven.

Why Use Baking Stones?

There are many reasons why chefs and cooks love using this them: 

  • The surface of the stone keeps heat well for leavened baked goods and bread-rise.
  • Cooking dough on a stone produces a tasty and crisp bottom crust. The porous surface of the stone draws moisture both at the bottom and top.
  • Even if the temperature of the oven fluctuates, you can expect a consistent source of heat from the stone.  

The best thing about using such a baking tool is that you can expect better bakes due to its gradual heating and cooling down ability. The minimum time to heat a stone is 45 minutes, depending on thickness.

Final Thoughts

Aside from bread and pizzas, you can also use the stone to bake cookies or treats for your pets. Undoubtedly, they will enjoy doing tricks for your delicious and crispy treats you made with love.

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