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Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Small Dogs

Automatic dog feeders are designed to maintain portion control and keep your pets on feeding schedules. This can keep even the smallest of pets on the best diets possible. These units are ideal to help avoid overeating and can assist pet owners when they must be away from home. 

Veterinarian Dr. Jarett Gilpin states, “Having an automatic pet feeder in a home with a small dog is an amazing way for pet owners to help them maintain a proper diet. Smaller dog breeds must adhere to proper nutrition guidelines to avoid excess weight gain, which can be quite damaging to their systems.”

Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Small Dogs

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How to Find The Best Automatic Dog Feeder For Small Dogs

The Unrecognized Convenience of Automatic Dog Feeders

Most of the time, pet owners treat their animal companions as their own children, so they only want what is best for them. As such, giving their pets the best things in life is one of their top priorities. Mealtimes can be considered a dog’s favorite hour of the day. Pets are always looking forward to this time and they usually develop a routine of following a schedule that corresponds to the hour that their owners give them food. However, due to some pet owners’ busy schedule, the preferred mealtime schedule of their pet is difficult to follow. To resolve such problems in the past, owners have provided another food bowl so that their pets can have extra food, especially when they are gone throughout the day. The problem with this is that the pet can overeat, which can consequently lead to stomach aches and sometimes obesity.

Luckily, in this day and age and with the help of technology, automatic food dispensers have been invented and are specifically designed to portion out meals for your pets by following a pre-programmed schedule. This can help with overeating and it also ensures that your pet eats on time with the appropriate amount of food to satisfy its hunger.  

How Does It Work?

The conventional automatic pet feeder is normally composed of two different sections. It has a top section that is in the form of an inverted plastic or glass, which serves as the primary compartment of the dog or cat food. The upper section can come in a variety of sizes and shapes that can hold 1-20 pounds of food pellets. The lower section of the automatic feeder is the food dish, which is made of either plastic or ceramic. It primarily holds the food when it is time for the animal to eat. Aside from these components, an automatic pet feeder also includes a programmable timer that the user can set to designate exactly when and how much food will be dispensed into the food dish.

What to Look for in an Automatic Food Dispenser for small dogs

Although most automatic feeders share the same key elements necessary to perform their function, some offer certain complex features that the user should take into account, such as an easy-to-clean food container, sturdy design, easy programming, and the ability to adjust food portions and schedule multiple meals. Moreover, other dispensers can provide the feature of being battery operated to eliminate the hazard of electric cords being chewed upon by your dogs. Furthermore, several food dispensers have specific features that correspond to the size of your dog. Variants that are specifically designed for small dogs offer a smaller food container to control the amount of food intake by the animal.

With all of the things that we are trying to accomplish in today’s world, it’s great not to have extra responsibilities to worry about. The convenience that automatic pet feeders provide us can help take one more thing off of our plate and ensure that our pets are eating at exactly the right time.

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