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Best Air Mattress

An air mattress can be great to have around the home as a pet owner. These mattresses can be used as pet beds for larger animals or can be taken on outings such as camping trips and vacations to offer not only yourself but also your pet comfort on long nights. An air mattress must be made from quality materials to withstand use while also having the ability to be stowed away easily.

Andrew Boston, pet enthusiast and recognized rower states, “Choosing an air mattress can be tricky. You want quality, affordability and a mattress that’s easy to pack away for trips. When using an air mattress for our pets, we need to realize their comfort matters. It’s smart economics to choose the best match the first time around.”

Best Air Mattress

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How to Find The Best Best Air Mattress For Your dog


Air mattresses are must-have items for your home because you can use them for numerous events such as camping, sleepovers, and when you have guests over. There are many air mattresses available in the market right now so choosing the right one for your home can be difficult. Fortunately, our researchers have provided important information about air mattresses so you can make a choice depending on your needs to get your money’s worth.

Using Air Mattresses

The most practical way to inflate an air mattress is to use a pump. However, if you don’t have a mattress pump, you can always use a leaf blower or a commercial vacuum with a reversible setting. When you first use your mattress, you should fill the mattress up to 90 percent, wait about three hours, and deflate it gradually. This is to ensure that the material can adjust to the expansion and the weight of your body. It is also important to avoid overinflating the mattress to avoid rips. Preventing leaks is of utmost priority to make your mattress last for a long time. Keep pets and sharp objects away from the mattress and regularly check it for leaks. Listen for hissing noises to detect holes and for small leaks, you can spray the mattress down with soap and water because the bubbles can indicate holes.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Air Mattress

  •       Size

Air mattress sizes follow the same size chart as regular mattresses. Twin-sized and full-sized mattresses are ideal for tents and truck beds while the king and queen-sized beds are better for two sleepers or people who like to roll in their sleep. However, we do not recommend sharing air mattresses because the weight of two people might be too much for the bed and may cause deflation. You should also account for the size of the mattresses once it is deflated. Most air mattresses can be folded into a size of a carry-on suitcase for better storage if not in use.

  •       Material

Air mattresses are usually made from vinyl which is a layer of recycled plastic polymers that is about 0.4 mm thick. However, the market has evolved to use reinforced materials to make mattresses virtually puncture-proof. Some models have multiple layers and others have nylon layers to prevent damage caused by scratches. We recommend a soft velvet-like finish at the top because it provides more comfort against the skin so you won’t have to cover it up with a sheet and for better grip as well. For the bottom surface, we recommend non-slip surfaces such as lined rubber to prevent the bed from sliding or tipping over.

  •       Air Retention

Air retention is important in selecting the right mattress for you. Low-quality air mattresses might lose air in the middle of the night which can cause aches, back pains, and interrupted sleep. To prevent this, we recommend getting an air mattress with an inner structure made of chambers and coils. Chambers provide better support especially if two people are using the bed because the chambers can distribute weight more evenly by isolating the movement to prevent sinking in the middle. The inside air also does not move too much when using a combination of chambers which prevents small currents of air swirling inside so you won’t experience cold rushes of air at the top surface.

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